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PBS NC Featured Programs

Watch full episodes and discover web-exclusive content for PBS NC series. Explore our full archive of all PBS NC series below.

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All PBS NC Original Programs, A-Z

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100516 Live Stream: NC Governor's Weather Update
10/05/16 Live Stream: NC Governor's Weather Update

1997 North Carolina Inaugural Ceremony of Jim Hunt 
Governor Jim Hunt took advantage of his fourth inaugural ceremony to stress how education will continue to receive top billing in North Carolina's politics. He emphasized in his address the direct correlation between educational reform and the

57th North Carolina Electoral College
The 57th meeting of the North Carolina Electoral College was convened in the State Capitol Building’s Old Hall of the House of Representatives. North Carolina's 15 electors will cast their ballots for the offices of President and Vice President of the United States.

9/11: We Remember
North Carolinians share personal accounts of that terrible day. From narrowly escaping the World Trade Center to losing loved ones and colleagues in the collapse, we hear intimate accounts of tragedy, heroism and resilience.


A Crisis: NC’s Opioid Battle
North Carolina's opioid crisis is sparking state law changes and leaving local medical and anti-addiction professionals to face huge challenges. Presented in partnership with the North Carolina Department of Insurance, hear from political, healthcare and law enforcement leaders, as well as the local stories of the people fighting opioid addiction.

After the Storm, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Follow West Lumberton Elementary students and staff after the destruction of Hurricane Matthew in this three-part series.

A Conversation With Five Governors
UNC-TV and the North Carolina Museum of History in Raleigh bring together former governors Terry Sanford, James E. Holshouser Jr., James G. Martin, James B. Hunt Jr. and Bob Scott for an enlightening and entertaining discussion about serving at the helm of the Tar Heel State. With poignancy, humor and insight, they engage in conversation moderated by Ferrel Gullory.

A Generation of Change
Bill Friday, Terry Sanford, Bill Aycock and many others from North Carolina’s own "Greatest Generation" led a time of dramatic change that established many of today’s institutions. Travel with these leaders through 50 years of state history, from the 1920s to the climactic election of 1972 and the birth of the modern two-party state in North Carolina.

A Mighty Fine Memory
Fiddler Roger Howell is a cultural treasure recognized throughout Western North Carolina for his skill as a musician, generosity as a teacher and prodigious memory as demonstrated by his contribution of 532 fiddle tunes, comprising the "Roger Howell Memory Collection," to Mars Hill University's Southern Appalachian Archives.

A Singing Stream Reunion
Thirty years later, the Landis grandchildren, acting as producers, invited Davenport to return and help them film what had become of their family since the first film. The new film, Reunion, follows two branches of the family: one remained on the home farm near Creedmoor, NC; the other, descendants of a son of Bertha Landis, moved to Akron, OH, shortly after WWII.

A Singing Stream: A Black Family Chronicle
See the importance of religious faith and music in the Landis family, and explore the impact of tenant farming, Jim Crow, the New Deal, civil rights, black migration and land inheritance issues on this extended family.

During studies of the American Revolution, states like Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Virginia, Maryland and Connecticut are mentioned again and again. But what about North Carolina? Where were North Carolinians while the seeds of revolution were sown in the North?

Almanac Gardener
Whether you’d like to cultivate a pot of flowers or an acre full of healthy grasses, gardening guru Mike Gray and other experts take Tar Heel gardeners through the finer points of garden planning, maintenance and blooming innovation in this long-running series.

An Evening with Five Presidents
In a first-ever event, the University of North Carolina presidents celebrate the 40th anniversary of legislation that brought all 16 of North Carolina's public universities into the UNC system.The show features former Governor Jim Holshouser who led the candid talk with William Friday, C.D. Spangler Jr., Molly Corbett Broad, Erskine Bowles and Tom Ross.

An Evening with North Carolina's Governors
UNC-TV and the North Carolina Museum of History in Raleigh bring former governors James E. Holshouser Jr., James G. Martin and James B. Hunt Jr. together for an enlightening and entertaining panel discussion about serving at the helm of the Tar Heel State.

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Bands of the Sand
Catch classic performances from the leading beach music bands performing in the Carolinas.

Battleship North Carolina: The Showboat Legacy
Follow the battleship's story, from its beginning as a state-of-the-art weapon in WWII to its current position overlooking downtown Wilmington.

Beaches Are Moving
Explore North Carolina's barrier islands with Duke University Marine Geologist Orrin H. Pilkey Jr. and learn about common beach and unique barrier island processes.

Between Hope & Fear: Islam in North Carolina
Join a studio audience as David Crabtree, of WRAL-TV, leads a provocative panel discussion that goes beyond the headlines and delves deeply into the Muslim experience in our state.

Biltmore Our Downton
Heather Burgiss returns to the Biltmore Estate for a special behind-the-scenes tour of the great house and highlights similarities between the Vanderbilt family home and its fictional Downton Abbey contemporary.

Birth of a Colony
Explore the beginnings of what is now the state of North Carolina, from the years before the Europeans arrived, when thousands of Native-Americans prospered in towns and villages, through the first visitors and early settlers of the "Lost Colony," early Colonial growth and the horrors of warfare against the once-powerful Tuscarora.

Biographical Conversations
In this ongoing interview series, UNC-TV's Shannon Vickery shares one-on-one conversations with the most influential and important figures in the Tar Heel State.

Black Issues Forum
Each week, Black Issues Forum presents a diverse panel of guests who discuss such topics as politics, social concerns, health, education, justice, entertainment, technology and public policy. Hosted by Deborah Holt Noel.

Blueprint North Carolina
As part of the Blueprint America project, UNC-TV and the Institute for Emerging Issues at North Carolina State University present a panel of experts examining and defining North Carolina’s most pressing infrastructure needs and providing an overview of possible solutions.

Bottom Line
Joe Stewart and Sougata Mukherjee track and analyze business and economic trends, news and policies from a North Carolina perspective.

Business Ethics: Challenges for a Changing World
UNC-TV's Shannon Vickery moderates a panel of experts discussing how to cultivate and support companies that are ethically sound.

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Carolina Outdoor Journal
North Carolina's premier outdoor series travels the length of the state—from the rugged mountains to coastal waters—to reel in the tastiest fish while exploring the state's vast natural beauty.

Carolina Preserves
In UNC-TV's first original high-definition television production and broadcast companion to the Carolina Preserves book and art exhibit, this stirring sampling honors the beauty and heritage of the state through the paintings of Greensboro, NC, artist William Mangum.

Cedars in the Pines
Over the past 130 years, the Lebanese have created a rich legacy in North Carolina building businesses from humble beginnings and innovative ideas and sharing their rich culture through food, dance, faith, art and literature.

Chairman Jones: An Improbable Leader
Learn the story of the filmmaker's father, James H. Jones, a farmer who emerged as a trailblazer during the 1969 school desegregation crisis sparked when Northampton County refused to implement Brown v Board of Education. After freeing himself from sharecropping in the 1950s, Jones launched a personal campaign to free black children from Jim Crow education.

Childe Hassam & the Isles of Shoals
Explore the North Carolina Museum of Art exhibit of American impressionist painter Childe Hassam in this documentary which focuses on his 30-year work on Appledore Island.

Climate Stories NC
Discover the stories of farmers, beekeepers, fishermen, hunters, apple growers and other North Carolinians whose lives have been affected by changes in the climate.

UNC-TV has teamed with North Carolina Sea Grant, a federal/state partnership program that works on coastal and marine water issues arising within the state, to present the series Coastwatch on North Carolina Now.

Collecting Carolina
Producer/host Julia Carpenter continues her quest across North Carolina to discover our state's rich history through collections of arts and crafts.

Collecting Matisse & Modern Masters: The Cone Sisters of Baltimore
Produced in association with the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University, this 30-minute documentary is based on the museum’s special exhibition, which ran through February 10, 2013.

Comic Culture
Created by students and staff the the University of North Carolina Pembroke, "Comic Culture" highlights various comic book artists and writers.

Common Ground
This public affairs program brings important North Carolina issues to the forefront through discussions with state policy leaders.

See one-on-one conversations with people you should know and who are making community impact.

Cruising Carolina
Explore North Carolina's Inner Banks (including Edenton, Manteo, Hatteras, Hertford, Ocracoke, New Bern, Bath, Beaufort, Southport and Wilmington) to discover and celebrate the region's people, history and towns, as well as the waters that nurture them.

For the residents of Eastern Carteret County, NC, commercial fishing has been a way of life for three centuries, but the sustained seclusion that has protected their culture is fast eroding. The ecology and character of the community is challenged on all sides by development, pollution, and globalization of the seafood industry, with the Carolina watermen and their heritage hanging in the balance.

Crown on the Mall: Designing the Smithsonian NMAAHC
Erica Starke-Knight takes you inside the creation of the Smithsonian National Museum of African-American History and Culture. North Carolina-based architects Phil Freelon and Zena Howard led the design team for this historic project and share, along with others, the compelling story of the design and architecture of the 400,000 square foot building on the National Mall.

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David Holt's State of Music
Grammy® winner David Holt and some of music's modern masters discuss traditional roots music and their influences.

Down River: In the Wake of Hurricane Matthew
Greenville and Pitt County residents prepare for the flooding of the Tar River and pull together as a community to cope with the flooding's aftermath.

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Discover the massive, natural, earthen sculptures of internationally-known, Raleigh-based artist Thomas Sayre.

Echo Sessions
This one-of-a-kind musical experience blends the magic of a live performance with the comfort of a studio session. Filmed at Asheville's Echo Mountain Recording Studios, the series features the area's premier bands and solo artists.

When elections are near, UNC-TV is here to provide up-to-the-minute information about North Carolina politics and candidates with special public affairs programming, alongside national election specials, designed to educate, enrich and inform.

El Greco to Velázquez: Art during the Reign of Philip III
This breathtaking original production, a partnership with the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University, encompasses the first comprehensive exhibition of artworks that formed the foundation for the Spanish Golden Age.

Emerging Issues: A Conversation with Four Governors
The Emerging Issues Forum and UNC-TV bring together former governors James E. Holshouser Jr., James G. Martin, James B. Hunt Jr. and Bob Scott for an enlightening and entertaining panel discussion about serving at the helm of the Tar Heel State. With poignancy, humor and insight, they engage in conversation moderated by William C. Friday, president emeritus of the University of North Carolina system and host of North Carolina People.

Emerging Issues Forum
The Institute for Emerging Issues at North Carolina State University hosts engaging statewide forums examining issues for improving opportunities for all North Carolinians. Through collaborations with government, non-profit, business and civil leaders, experts and audience members examine issues and explore pathways to prepare the state's workforce and inform its citizenry in order to compete and thrive.

Environmental Heroes
Meet three North Carolinians who have made extraordinary efforts to improve the environment. Their stories reveal that, with support from family, friends and communities, individuals can make a difference in shaping a better world.

Environmental Heroes, Part 1
With support from family, friends and communities, individuals can make a difference in shaping a better world.

Environmental Heroes, Part 2
Discover how a tiny insect is devastating hemlocks in the Appalachians, meet an Alamance County couple who are leaders in sustainable agriculture and see Durham residents cleaning up Ellerbe Creek, a once neglected and polluted stream that flows into Falls Lake and provides some of the drinking supply for Raleigh.

Exhausted Remedies: Joe Holt's Story 
Discover one African-American family's efforts to integrate public schools in 1950s Raleigh. Through personal interviews with plaintiff Joseph Holt, his son and key community leaders, archival footage and photographs, the documentary highlights local political and social conditions of the era and how they influenced the final decision in the Holt vs. Raleigh City School Board desegregation case.

Exploring North Carolina
Join host Tom Earnhardt for this weekly series highlighting the state’s diverse local landscapes and unique natural features—from the Black Mountains trails atop Mount Mitchell to the gold and gemstone mines lining the Piedmont to the endless fossil digs in the clay beds of our coast.

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Family Pictures USA
This new national PBS series, co-produced by UNC-TV, is hosted by Thomas Allen Harris and stars everyday people and their pictures. With Harris as their guide, guests mine treasure troves of personal narratives to reveal roots, connections and provocative parallels that enlarge understanding of our history, diversity and shared values.

First in Future 
Consider visionary ideas and thinking from leading North Carolinians in exclusive conversations hosted by Leslie Boney.

Fitness Files
Discover tools, inspiration and information to help stay fit. Join with us, and others on the path, as we navigate our way to a healthy lifestyle for all of life’s adventures.

Flavor, NC
Join Lisa Price as she preserves and celebrates North Carolina’s agricultural heritage, one dinner plate at a time.

Focus On...
Produced several times each year, this series takes an in-depth look at current affairs and public affairs issues affecting North Carolinians.

Hosted by Grammy® Award-winning musician David Holt, this storied series introduces the many local people who strive to keep North Carolina's folk history alive, either with heritage handcrafting or continuing a vintage way of life.

From Poverty to Power: The James B. Duke Story
From his humble beginnings on a central North Carolina farm, James Buchanan Duke grew into one of the wealthiest industrialists of the 20th century.

From the Vineyard
Through in-depth tours and conversations with winemakers, explore the growing number and varieties of wineries and vineyards in our state with host Lisa Prince, and discover what's behind the amazing growth of this industry.

Front Row with Marc Rotterman covers issues that affect North Carolinians on a state and national level. Bringing together his insider experience, sharp intellect and key contacts including elected officials, policy makers and journalists, Marc ensures that all points of view are heard.

Future Plan: A Woman's Guide 
The AARP of North Carolina share this plan for women to take charge of their future.

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George Beverly Shea: The Wonder of It All
This documentary mixes rare archival footage, contemporary performances and personal interviews with a man considered to be "America’s most beloved gospel singer," and those close to him, to explore Shea's lengthy career and influence on the world of gospel music.

Globe Watch: China 
This year’s American group, composed entirely of North Carolinians, includes students who designed their own project, which they presented at the competition, as well as mentors from the Grassroots Science Museum Collaborative, a teacher, and a member of the Governor's office.

Globe Watch: Europe 
From soaking in the excitement of life in Paris, to walking the beaches of Normandy to immersing themselves in another culture, students took in a global perspective that few get a chance to experience.

Globe Watch: Mexico
Get a close-up look at Mexico's impact on North Carolina's economy.

Globe Watch: Singapore 
Travel abroad with a group of local educators to discover how this dynamic Asian nation has developed a model system for advancing its population’s understanding of the global economy.

Gold Fever & the Bechtler Mint 
For many it is a surprising story: that North Carolina was the site of America’s first gold rush, and that a German immigrant living in the small mountain town of Rutherfordton created a successful private mint that produced the first $1 gold coin in the U.S. Explore the story of North Carolina’s gold rush and how one talented, determined man filled a need and transformed an entire region by changing the economy, and instilling a pride still evident today.

Governor McCrory Emergency Press Conference, 2/25/2015 
Governor Pat McCrory held this emergency winter weather press conference on February 25, 2015, at 1:30 PM.

Governor Morehead Forum: Higher Education in North Carolina 
UNC President Margaret Spellings and former UNC President Tom Ross discussed issues related to higher education in a forum held at the Carriage House on the Blandwood Estate in Greensboro. Among the topics covered were House Bill 2, tuition trends, faculty pay and new school names.

Growing a Greener World
This award-winning, magazine-style weekly series, presented by UNC-TV to stations across the country, features organic gardening, green living and farm-to-table food features. Each episode focuses on compelling, inspiring people making a positive impact on the planet through gardening, and shares useful DIY information.

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A 10-year-old adoptee climbs to the top of an oak tree in hopes of catching his unborn baby brother falling from space.

Harvest of Dignity
This documentary features stories about farmworker families and their struggles. Independent producer Donna Campbell interviewed farm workers, attorneys, health workers, ministers and advocates who explained the conditions in farmworker housing and working conditions across North Carolina.

Harvest of Dignity (English with Spanish closed captions) 
This documentary features stories about farmworker families and their struggles. Independent producer Donna Campbell interviewed farm workers, attorneys, health workers, ministers and advocates who explained the conditions in farmworker housing and working conditions across North Carolina.

Harvest of Dignity: Digging Deeper
In this follow-up discussion to the Harvest of Dignity documentary, panelists Melinda Wiggins of Student Action with Farmworkers, Dr. Ricky Langley of the North Carolina Pesticide Board and Wake Forest University Professor Dr. Thomas Arcury, author of a study on migrant housing and inspections, address moral and legal questions on farmworker health, safety, and fair and decent treatment.

High Point University Presents
HPU President Nido Qubein interviews the world's most influential people, taped live on campus, as part of the university's Cultural Enrichment Series.

High Sierra—A Journey on the John Muir Trail
Follow five high school students on their 17 day journey through the tallest mountain range in the contiguous U.S. and experience the visual splendor of the ‘Range of Light’ as well as the range of emotions and physical challenges accompanying such an epic adventure. Park ranger Shelton Johnson shares insights about the trail and importance of the wilderness.

Homegrown Music Festival
Join North Carolina-centric musical performers as they take the stage at Raleigh's historic Dorton Arena at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds for memorable performances.

Human Spark
In conjunction with PBS's The Human Spark project, UNC-TV original series, produced in association with the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, explores the nature of human uniqueness from a Tar Heel perspective.

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In the Garden with Bryce Lane
This weekly horticulture series, also a televised one-hour credit course from North Carolina State University, introduces the basics of home landscaping.

In the Midst of a Movement
Witness first-hand reflections of journalists who covered the civil rights movement and risked their lives reporting about segregation and the violent methods by which it was being enforced.

In Studio
As a complement to Country Music: A Film by Ken Burns, national touring artists based in North Carolina perform exclusive, intimate concerts before a studio audience at UNC-TV's Research Triangle Park headquarters.

Inauguration of UNC President Ross
Coverage of the inauguration of Thomas W. Ross as the 17th president of the UNC System took place October 6, 2011, at North Carolina A & T University in Greensboro.

The Innovators: The Transformative Power of NC's Historically Black & American Indian Universities
Celebrating stories of impact at North Carolina’s Historically Minority-Serving Institutions: Elizabeth City State University, Fayetteville State University, North Carolina A&T State University, North Carolina Central University, UNC Pembroke and Winston-Salem State University.Back to top


James E. Holshouser Jr. Memorial Service
Motivated by an interest in reforming the North Carolina's judicial nomination system, James Holshouser Jr. began his political career as a state legislator in 1962. A decade later, Holshouser became the state's first Republican governor of the 20th century. His life and legacy were celebrated with a memorial service June 21, 2013, at Brownson Memorial Presbyterian Church in Southern Pines.

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The Key Ingredient
Renowned food writer and cooking teacher Sheri Castle celebrates local ingredients, tracing their journeys from source to kitchen. Sheri introduces us to local farmers, growers, fisherman and chefs and shares approachable home cooking recipes and tips.

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Learning with the World 
Visit classrooms across the state to see how students are learning about global languages, also called "critical languages"—Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Arabic—and their respective cultures.

Legislative Week in Review 
This public affairs series provides comprehensive coverage of the most important issues before the North Carolina's State House and Senate as Kelly McCullen goes inside legislative committee rooms and into General Assembly hallways to get the latest information on matters that matter to you.

Let's Go Shopping with Read-a-roo!
UNC-TV's beloved icon Read-a-roo is now the star of her very own show! The half-hour kids how-to features Read-a-roo and pal Miss Joy on a shopping excursion for healthy, tasty treats! They meet new friends, sample yummy snacks and learn about tasty vegetables and fruits available—many grown right here in North Carolina!

Lives on the Hill: Preserving the Legacy of Dix Hospital 
North Carolina Health News hosts Lives on the Hill, a gathering intended to bring together people from each of the groups whose lives were affected by the Dorothea Dix Hospital in Raleigh: patients and their families, former staff members and the family members who lived on the property, neighbors and Raleigh residents. The event will examine how this historic property should be memorialized.

Lumina: Remembering the Light
This UNC-TV production spotlights the coastal Carolina site’s glory days when the pavilion, resting on a narrow barrier island outside Wilmington, packed in tourists from all over the United States.

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Making the Most of Your Medicare 
Are you on Medicare? Are you sure you're paying the best price for your prescriptions? Make the Most of Your Medicare, by joining staff of the North Carolina Department of Insurance Seniors' Health Insurance Information Program to ask your questions about Medicare. If you are having trouble paying for your prescriptions—you might qualify for a program that could reduce your costs.

Memorial Service for William C. Friday 
The University of North Carolina and the community at large remember and honor University President Emeritus William Friday in a Memorial Service at Memorial Hall on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill.

Merger: Making the Twin City
See how and why Forsyth County came to have two towns, Winston and Salem, so close together that they consolidated in 1913. Examine the Moravian origins of Salem and its theocratic governance, the establishment of Winston and its rise as an industrial center, early failed efforts at consolidation and the forces that made consolidation inevitable.

Motorbiking Vietnam: Adventures Along the Ho Chi Minh Trail 
Four decades after the Vietnam War two photojournalist friends explore Vietnam in an unscripted motorcycle adventure. Riding from Saigon to Hanoi and Halong Bay, Terry Shiels and Scott Fowler indulge in the food and culture of Vietnam, while photographing the natural beauty of this once war torn country.

North Carolina is rich in artistic heritage and UNC-TV producers share up close and personal stories of those creators who are telling the story of North Carolina and the world.

Musings of an Iraqi Patriot 
Musings of an Iraqi Patriot traces one man’s journey from life as an accomplished artist to that of a reluctant refugee—and a voice for the millions of people whose lives have been irrevocably upended by war in the Middle East.

My Home, NC
Heather Burgiss searches out unique and important voices in hometowns across North Carolina. Each episode gives a deeper glimpse and connection into the cultural fabric of communities through interesting people, food, music and places that make you want to sit a spell, grab a bite, tap your toe and reflect on all that’s special in the Land of the Long Leaf Pine.

Music at the Museum
Musical artists perform at the North Carolina Museum of Art, sharing their music in a special series brought to you by the NC Museum of Art and NC Department of Cultural Resources.

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NC Broadcast Legends
North Carolina’s radio and television trailblazers share their experiences and insights about broadcasting, leadership and serving their communities.

Hosted by Tom Campbell, four expert panelists and thought leaders on current events and significant issues regarding the state of North Carolina this balanced discussion over four topics are selected for discussion each week, based on what is timely and topical for each show. Panelists are carefully chosen to debate these topics based on political, philosophical and demographic diversity.

Examine issues around our state including education, jobs, healthcare, and others. Anita Brown-Graham, from the UNC School of Government, goes into the communities that are tackling these problems head on. Talking to the people on the ground, Anita gets a glance into how these people are positively impacting others and making change.

North Carolina Bookwatch
As the state’s premier literary series, bringing the Tar Heel State’s best and brightest Southern writers to the small screen, host D.G. Martin sheds light on authors’ lives, books and the state’s indelible imprint on their works.

North Carolina Farm Fresh
UNC-TV highlights the state’s prolific direct-to-consumer farmmarketing— including the role of farmer’s markets, community-supported agriculture and agri-tourism in determining where goodness truly grows in North Carolina this season.

North Carolina Now
This long-running weeknightly information and public affairs series looked at North Carolina's most pressing issues, talked with some of its most important people, visited the most interesting places and celebrated artistic and cultural diversity.

North Carolina Now & Then
Celebrating 20 years of North Carolina Now, UNC-TV's flagship program, this weekly series mined the North Carolina Now archives to reveal the history of the past two decades as it unfolded year by year. While on-screen graphics and hairstyles may have changed over the past 20 years, North Carolina Now’s determination to cover the state from the mountains to the coast was as fresh and timely as it was from the day it went on the air.

North Carolina People 
As the affable host of UNC-TV’s longest-running program, the late William C. Friday welcomed the most interesting and entertaining North Carolinians during every episode of this weekly interview program.

North Carolina Rising
This compilation of highlights from the 12-part North Carolina Now special series spotlights success stories of jobs and stability throughout rural North Carolina.

North Carolina State Parks: Environmental Jewels
On the 100th anniversary of North Carolina State Parks, UNC Journalism Professor Tom Linden tours nine of the state's most majestic parks, sharing how park officials, scientists and the public work together to preserve the system's most environmentally sensitive areas.

North Carolina's Local Catch 
Seafood lovers, locavores and those interested in economic development will all find something of interest in this original production. For more than 400 years, commercial anglers have buoyed our coastal heritage and economy, supplying quality seafood locally and around the world. They still bring quality and value to the table, but face new challenges in today's global environment.

North Carolina Weekend
Join host Deborah Holt Noel as she shares the best things to "see and do" across the state each weekend as this exciting series takes viewers on a journey into latest colorful sites and sounds from the Old North State.

North Carolina's WWII Experience
UNC-TV commemorates this pivotal time of our state’s history with this special documentary capturing the experiences of "The Greatest Generation" of North Carolinians—from the front lines to the home front.

Novel Sounds: American Fiction in the Age of Rock & Roll
The National Humanities Center's conferences are forums for examining rock and roll as a literary form of expression crucially shaping our national heritage.

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O. Max Gardner Awards
UNC-TV captures the annual ceremony for this local award, established by the will of NC Governor Oliver Max Gardner and given since 1949 to recognize the University of North Carolina System faculty who have "made the greatest contributions to the welfare of the human race."

Opioids: State of Recovery
Opioids: State of Recovery follows the lives of North Carolinians whose families have been affected by opioid misuse and hears from experts who help people, especially young people, beat opioid addiction. This special series is made possible by Blue Cross & Blue Shield of NC.

Our State
Inspired by the pages of Our State magazine, this UNC-TV series takes viewers across North Carolina for an in-depth look at the people and places that make our state great.

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Paved with Gold
Witness the effects of the Charlotte-area Gold Rush in shaping the modern day Queen City.

Peelers, Busters & Soft Shell Crabs 
Debbie and Curtis Wilkins' shedding operation provides top-grade soft shell crabs to restaurants and retail markets throughout the South. They unravel the mystery of how soft shell crabs get from the ocean to your favorite fish market, as one of the South’s premier chefs shows how to prepare them.

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Over three years and six forums, the Institute for Emerging Issues at North Carolina State University examines issues vital to the health and well-being of NC and its people. These statewide forums include: ReCONNECT to Community: Asheville (11/27/18), ReCONNECT to Rural & Urban: Raleigh (2/11/19), ReCONNECT to Economic Opportunity: Charlotte (10/15/19), ReCONNECT to Technological Opportunity: Raleigh (2/10/20), ReCONNECT to Well-Being: Greenville (10/20) and ReCONNECT for the Future: Raleigh (2/21).

The Carolinas’ statewide public television networks, UNC-TV and SCETV, partner with the Southern Documentary Fund to create an exciting showcase for new, independently-produced documentary films about the American South.

Join the award-winning filmmaking team of Blake and Emily Scott as they bring to you the magnificent wildlife that encompasses five beautiful National Wildlife Refuges in eastern North Carolina, including the sights and sounds that make Mattamuskeet an icon in the animal kingdom.

Rough South: Stories of Tim McLaurin
The author discusses growing up poor in East Fayetteville, handling snakes and what it means to be a writer.

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Sacred Space: The Promise of Peace and Understanding
Journalist Lara Logan (60 Minutes) moderates Elon University's Spring 2013 Convocation, which focuses on multi-faith issues and the role of religion in our world. Panelists include Episcopal Bishop Michael Curry, secular humanist Greg Epstein, Catholic chaplain Sharon Kugler, Muslim Eboo Patel, Buddhist monk Arjia Rinpoche and Rabbi David Wolpe.

Saving the Best: North Carolina State Parks at 100 
There's far more to North Carolina's State Parks than biodiversity and scenic vistas. Our parks are also natural/cultural touchstones, outdoor classrooms, and economic engines. With the help of some North Carolina's finest musicians, including James Taylor, this documentary offers an in-depth look at one of America's most exciting state park systems.

Scam Jam
UNC-TV and AARP NC present information on how to avoid common scams and identity theft.

Sci NC
Discover the latest science stories from North Carolina and across the nation through interviews with leading scientists, demonstrations and viewer interactions.

Shakori Hills 
Enjoy live concerts from acclaimed local, national and international artists.

Side by Side with Nido Qubein
Join Side by Side for introspective and in-depth discussions between Nido Qubein and a variety of influential guests. Intimate conversations with intellectuals in fields ranging from entertainment to technology lend insight into their aspirations and inspirations, habits, and lifestyles.

Singing Stream 
See the importance of religious faith and music in the Landis family, and shows the impact of tenant farming, Jim Crow, the New Deal, civil rights, black migration and issues of land inheritance in this extended family.

Singing Stream Reunion 
Go deeper with new generations of the Landis's in this exploration of song, faith and family.

Situation Report
Sit-Rep, produced and hosted by UNC-TV's Director of Military & Veterans Affairs Jeff Smith, examines topics of interest to military and veterans.

Song of the Mountains
Enjoy the best in live, roots-based music from the heart of the region where it all began in this award-winning weekly public television series presented by UNC-TV.

Stay Tuned Boys & Girls
Take a fond look back at four of North Carolina's most popular local children's programs during the 1950s, '60s and '70s, featuring Fred Kirby, The Old Rebel, Joey the Clown and Uncle Paul.

Stories of Service
Military veterans have stories to tell and "Stories of Service" gives them the opportunity to share their thoughts directly with us.

The Swannanoa Gathering 
Celebrate the 25th anniversary of this roots music program/event from Warren Wilson College with such top musicians such as Tom Paxton, Kathy Mattea, Janis Ian, Ellis Paul and more. In honor the program’s milestone, Grammy winner Janis Ian debuted her song Swannanoa.

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The Drinking Water Resilience Project (DRIP)
This interactive digital learning resource for students, teachers and citizens. The purpose is to build capacity for drinking water resilience by ensuring an informed citizenry. The goal is to give students, teachers, and citizens the tools with which to protect and maintain a healthy .

The Human Spark
In conjunction with PBS's The Human Spark project, UNC-TV produces a series of original productions, in association with the The North Carolina Museum of Natural, exploring the nature of human uniqueness from a Tar Heel perspective.

The North Carolina Music Hall of Fame 2016 induction Ceremony 
The eight musicians selected as the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame's 2016 inductees are showcased.

The Quality of Light: A Biography of Claude Howell 
This documentary was filmed along the beaches and roadside stops of North Carolina that Claude Howell depicted in his paintings. The biography is told in the words of the 80-year-old painter and also features interviews with Howell's acquaintances, associates and friends including museum directors, art historians, and then-Governor Jim Hunt.

The Rough South of Harry Crews
The author discusses his heartrending childhood in Bacon County, GA, the nature of violence and what it means to be a writer in this Emmy-winning documentary.

The Search for Princess Charlotte
D.G. Martin (North Carolina Bookwatch) travels to Germany to unravel the mystery of Princess Charlotte, namesake of North Carolina's largest city. With help from the local Mecklenburg-area family patriarch, Martin and other Charlotteans undertake a quest to discover the history of the woman who inspired the Queen City's name.

The UNCSA Cirkus Theatre Project
The UNC School of the Arts & the Kenan Institute for the Arts have created an exciting interdisciplinary project inspired by Cirque du Soleil, in which student teams are challenged to create original short theater works that tell a story without dialogue. During the school year, the students develop their ideas, aiming to be one of the teams chosen to bring their production to the stage.

The Voyage of Discovery to Ghana 
In celebration of its 300th birthday, a group of New Bern adults and students visited Ghana in West Africa—including markets, the National Museum in Accra, the art gallery of the Golden Tulip Hotel and more.

Thomas W. Lambeth Lecture
The Thomas Willis Lambeth Distinguished Lectureship in Public Policy was endowed in 2006 to bring to campus distinguished speakers who are practitioners and/or scholars of public policy, particularly whose work touches on the fields of education, ethics, democratic institutions, and civic engagement.

To Be a North Carolinian
UNC-TV celebrates its 40th anniversary with this fond tribute to the people, places and poetry of North Carolina.

Tour 64: North Carolina's Heritage Highway
Discover the "backbone of the Tar Heel State" and all its quirky, artistic and cultural treasures as Highway 64 meanders through 22 counties from our mountains to the Outer Banks.

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USS Gravely—First To Conquer 
Follow the story of the USS Gravely, the 57th destroyer in its class, authorized in September 2002, with keel laid in November 2007, and launched in March 2009, successfully completing sea trial in June 2010.

University Awards
Since 1980, the University of North Carolina's Board of Governors presents its highest honor, the University Award. UNC-TV features highlights of this annual award ceremony and the outstanding contributions individual winners make to higher education.

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Veterans Coffee 
Each quarter, UNC-TV hosts military veterans and special guests at a coffee and doughnuts meet-and-greet where information about veterans concerns and services in North Carolina are shared.

Voices of Our Time 
Produced in partnership with Wake Forest University, this speaker series features some of the world's leading thinkers in education, public policy, business, literature, religion and politics—including Political Analyst David Gergen, former Secretary of Labor Ray Marshall, journalists Al Hunt, Bob Scheiffer and Judy Woodruff and more.

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We Can Be Better 
Moderated by NBC Nightly News anchor and Elon University parent Brian Williams, this discussion inspires students to consider their roles in overcoming major issues facing America: rising national debt, political gridlock, complex energy and environmental problems, religious intolerance and an ailing educational system.

White Lake: Remembering the Nation's Safest Beach 
This film chronicles the history of White Lake, from its geological creation, to its time known as Silver Lake to Native Americans in the 1700s, through its current status as a small lake town with approximately 800 year-round residents.

The Woodwright's Shop When it comes to carving your niche in the new millennium, Roy Underhill is the one who knows what it takes to survive! This storied UNC-TV series ran for 37 years on PBS, teaching traditional woodworking skills with wit and wisdom to millions of national public television viewers.

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