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Prairie Public Broadcasting provides quality radio, television, and public media services that educate, involve, and inspire the people of the prairie region.

Prairie Public Broadcasting is committed to respect for the individual and our audience, to lifelong learning, civil discourse, and our regional identity. Those who work at Prairie Public Broadcasting take pride in our programming and our service, expressing it through honesty and accuracy, a strong work ethic, teamwork, workplace diversity, effective stewardship of gifts and talents, and good humor.

Prairie Public Broadcasting offers a window on the world through national and regional television and radio programming; creates a forum for the most important issues facing our region with locally produced, topical programming; partners with others to foster education for all ages; and utilizes digital technology and web services to expand those valued services.

Beginning with a single television transmitter in Fargo, Prairie Public Broadcasting has grown to become the premier broadcaster of public television and radio services throughout the prairie region.

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Prairie Public has been serving the people of the prairie region since 1964. 


Read more about our history.

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Television Channels

Prairie Public reaches households in North Dakota, northwestern Minnesota, and parts of South Dakota, Montana, and Manitoba* with four 24-hour, unique television broadcast program channels and an emergency broadcast system. 

Households with television sets that use a rooftop antenna and are digital capable or have a digital converter box can access all the channels listed below.

Cable subscribers may access all or some of the channels, depending on whether their cable provider carries the channels.

*Prairie Public is available in Manitoba on cable channels only. Read more about our service to Canada.

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1 - Prairie Public

Prairie Public's high definition schedule, which is also available as an online livestream.

2 - World

Nonfiction, science, nature, news, public affairs, and lifelong learning programs.

3 - MN Channel

Programs produced in and about North Dakota, Manitoba, Minnesota, and the region.


The number one educational media brand for kids and offers opportunities to explore new ideas and new worlds through television.

3-1 Prairie Public high definition programming
3-2 World
3-3 Minnesota Channel
3-4 PBS Kids

16-1 Prairie Public high definition programming
16-2 World
16-3 Minnesota Channel
16-4 PBS Kids

25-1 Prairie Public high definition programming
25-2 World
25-3 Minnesota Channel
25-4 PBS Kids

9-1 Prairie Public high definition programming
9-2 World
9-3 Minnesota Channel
9-4 PBS Kids

19-1 Prairie Public high definition programming
19-2 World
19-3 Minnesota Channel
19-4 PBS Kids

13-1 Prairie Public high definition programming
13-2 World
13-3 Minnesota Channel
13-4 PBS Kids

2-1 Prairie Public high definition programming
2-3 Minnesota Channel

6-1 Prairie Public high definition programming
6-2 World
6-3 Minnesota Channel
6-4 PBS Kids

4-1 Prairie Public high definition programming
4-2 World
4-3 Minnesota Channel
4-4 PBS Kids

Radio Frequencies

The statewide radio network of Prairie Public is a news, music, and information service. 

Prairie Public offers three radio program streams: FM1, FM2, and FM3

Listen to Prairie Public on your radio, online, with the Prairie Public app, or with your smart speaker. Visit our How To Listen page to learn more.

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FM1: Classical

Prairie Public’s classical music plus “Morning Edition” and “All Things Considered,” “Marketplace” interviews and discussion on “Main Street.”

FM2: Roots, Rock, and Jazz

Prairie Public’s roots, rock and jazz featuring “Into the Music” with Mike Olson and “World Café,” plus two hours of NPR’s “Morning Edition” on weekdays and “Sound Opinions,” “Mountain Stage,” and “Acoustic Café” on the weekends.


Prairie Public’s roots, rock and jazz featuring “Into the Music” with Mike Olson and “World Café.” Also includes “Morning Edition” and “All Things Considered,” “Marketplace,” and interviews and discussion on “Main Street.”

FM1: K220FI* / 91.9 FM

FM1: KCND / 90.5 FM / 50 kw

FM1: K220FJ* / 91.9 FM

FM1: K220FF* / 91.9 FM

Devils Lake
FM1: KPPD / K218AV* / 91.7 FM

FM1: KDPR / 89.9 FM / 12.5 kw

FM3: KDSU / 91.9 FM / 100 kw

Grand Forks
FM1: KUND / 89.3 FM / 38 kw
FM2: KFJM / 90.7 FM / 3 kw

FM1: K220FG* / 91.9 FM

FM1: KPRJ / 91.5 FM / 18.6 kw

FM1: KMPR / 88.9 FM / 50 kw

FM1: K220FE* / 91.9 FM

FM1: KPPW / 88.7 FM / 10.5 kw
FM2: KPPR / 89.5 FM / 5 kw

* = Translator Station


Prairie Public hosts community events with teachers, children, families, veterans, legislators, non-profits, and corporations. 

Beyond our over-the-air broadcasts, our region’s stories are also shared through our website, YouTube channel, and on social media.


Listener and viewer support allows us to provide wholesome programs for children, worldwide travel adventures, first-rate theater performances, thought-provoking documentaries, exhilarating drama, and local news and productions that reflect the people of the prairie region, plus quality PBS and NPR programming. It's everything you expect from your region-wide public media network. 

Prairie Public is listener and viewer-supported public media, which means this belongs to you!

Learn more about the ways you can support Prairie Public.