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Each month, a new 30-minutes-or-less webinar will review a variety of resources available to educators from 
PBS LearningMedia, Prairie Public, and other affiliated, vetted websites. Find them archived below!

Webinar Recordings

Episode One: PBS LearningMedia

Episode One of our Prairie Vistas webinar series is about PBS LearningMedia.

PBS LearningMedia is a free online database of tens of thousands of resources, ranging from videos to interactive lessons, from PBS member stations across the nation. 

Resources in the video:

Episode Two: Indigenous Education in MN & ND

Episode Two of our Prairie Vistas webinar series is about Indigenous Education resources in North Dakota and Minnesota.

Resources in the video:

Episode Three: Student Journalism

In Episode Three, Tim and Nick showcase PBS NewsHour's student journalism training program Student Reporting Labs, which can be used by both educators and students. Nick then talks to three high school newspaper advisors from around the state on their programs and how they've found success, as well as Prairie Public News Director Dave Thompson, who has been delivering news on public radio since 1981. 

Resources in the video:

Episode Four: Prairie Mosaic

In episode four, Tim and Nick check out Prairie Mosaic. Prairie Mosaic is a news-magazine style show that weaves short segments on the arts, history, and culture of Minnesota and North Dakota together to create a cohesive program. See how you can use this series in your classroom via PBS LearningMedia and PBS's own website. Also, our very own Cassie Pierce, a member of the production department, joins us to give advice on creating your own Prairie Mosaic-style videos.

Resources in the video:

Episode Five: Black Histories of the Northern Plains

In episode five, Tim and Nick go over the first exclusively digital series from Prairie Public, Black Histories of the Northern Plains. We cover the education resources created for the series on PBS LearningMedia, a course offered by the Northwest Services Cooperative in which participants can earn CEUs, and other resources related to Black History from PBS. Also, an interview with Matt Olien, producer and narrator of the series.

Resources in the video:

Episode Six: Minnesota's Legacy

In this episode, we cover The Clean Water Land and Legacy Amendment, also known as Minnesota’s Legacy. A landmark piece of legislation, the amendment has provided generous funding for public television in Minnesota since 2009. We’ll look at how exactly the funds are broken down to fund various aspects of preserving Minnesota’s arts and cultural heritage, then we’ll check out some of the best all 6 MN PBS member stations have to offer educators on PBS LearningMedia.

Resources in the video: