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Race in America

Central Florida Storytellers: Local Voices

Members of the community that range from politicians to professors share their thoughts and experiences about systemic racism in America. 

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The Moore Project

"The Road to Freedom Avenue – The Legacy of Harry T. and Harriette V. Moore" is a multimedia project fully produced and executed by University of Central Florida journalism students. The project aims to spotlight the lives and modern-day legacies of Harriette V. and Harry T. Moore - a married couple who became America's first civil-rights martyrs in 1951. Click here to learn more.

Additional Resources

The Black Church, a PBS documentary

Candid Conversations:  The Black Church
Watch this recorded Zoom panel discussion of the new PBS documentary, The Black Church. The virtual conversation focused on the role of the Black Church in Central Florida - past, present and future. Speakers included: 

  • Moderator, Dr. Jeff Williamson, Communications Director for Orange County Government 
  • Talia Blake, Morning Edition Host, and Reporter, WMFE 
  • Dr. Randolph Bracy, Jr., Distinguished Professor of Religion and Dean of the Cornelius & Dorothye Henderson School of Religion at Bethune-Cookman University 
  • Bishop-Elect Derrick L. McCrae, Sr., The Experience Christian Center 
  • Reverend Bettye J. Watson, Pastor, St. Paul A. M. E. Church

An intimate four-hour series from Henry Louis Gates, Jr., The Black Church: This Is Our Story, This Is Our Song will explore the 400-year-old story of the black church in America, the changing nature of worship spaces, and the men and women who shepherded them from the pulpit, the choir loft, and church pews. 

Learn more about the film on its official website here.

Virtual Events

Further the Conversation

Impact of Inequity & COVID-19 on the Mental Health of Black Youth

In 2020, the threat to the physical and mental well-being of Black youth is especially high. COVID-19 and acts of police brutality nationwide have increased the stress and sense of social isolation young Black people experience. Additionally, according to the Congressional Black Caucus, the rate of suicide among Black youth is rising faster than any other racial/ethnic group. Together, these factors put the mental health of Black youth, particularly at risk. From parents and caregivers to educators and concerned citizens, this is an issue that affects us all.

Watch this critical discussion on the state of mental health among Black youth to destigmatize mental illness and learn about available resources.

Download the Well Beings Central Florida Mental Health Toolkit.

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Panel Discussion: Reflections on Harbor from the Holocaust

Watch this recorded Zoom panel discussion on the new PBS documentary Harbor from the Holocaust, which chronicles the story of nearly 20,000 Jewish refugees who fled Nazi-occupied Europe during World War II, to the Chinese port city of Shanghai. Hear a multi-generational discussion of the extraordinary relationship of these Jews and their adopted city of Shanghai, and the lessons of empathy and action that we can apply today. Speakers featured:

  • Violet Du Feng, Director, Harbor from the Holocaust
  • Joanie Holzer Schirm, Author, My Dearest Boy
  • Sigmund Tobias, Survivor, featured in Harbor from the Holocaust
  • Frank Xu, Manager of Languages and Literature, Brooklyn Library and Shanghai historian

This discussion took place in partnership with the Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida.


The Peace and Justice Institute at Valencia College promotes peace and justice for all. Their aim is to nurture an inclusive, caring and respectful environment on campus and within our community - one where conflict leads to growth and transformation, rather than violence or aggression.

Visit their website to find out about community race conversations that they will be hosting in the coming weeks. Learn more here.

Additional Streaming Programming

NewsNight Conversations

A Question of Race: Answers for Kids -- Virtual Q&A with the Experts

Following up on our NewsNight Conversations special, we invited you to ask our experts in child psychology, social justice and education your questions about talking to children (from birth upwards) about racism, current events stemming from George Floyd's death and raising the next generation to be advocates for themselves and others.

Thank you to everyone who joined us. Watch the recording of the event below.

NewsNight Conversations: A Question of Race: Answers for Kids

Experts in child psychology, social justice and education discuss how to talk to children about racism, current events stemming from George Floyd's death and raising the next generation to be advocates for themselves and others.


  • Rudy Darden, Valencia College Peace and Justice Institute Facilitator and Professor of English
  • Kimberly Renk, Ph.D., UCF Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Ann Shillingford-Butler, Ph.D., UCF Associate Professor of Counselor Education.


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