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On My Way To K Guidebook 

PBS Additional Resources

Stem from the Start


Designed for PreK-Grade 2 learners, STEM from the Start is a free interactive educational video series that helps kids explore the basic principles of physical science and other STEM topics by engaging children in learning that is fun, engaging and long-lasting. Each lesson is designed to be paused so educators and parents can engage children in guided discussions, hands-on experiments and scientific explorations, using the downloadable Discovery Guides for support during each section. Provided by our New Hampshire PBS partner station.

Find Ways to Play


Need to find other activities to fit your own theme or home resources? You can always create your own activity plan using the PBS KIDS for Parents Activity Finder.

9 Early Literacy Activities At Home


Extend your child’s language ability and vocabulary with these activities that will fill your home with letters, sounds, and word fun!

Parenting Minutes from WNET

WNET’s Parenting Minutes are short videos that provide useful tips related to raising young children available in several languages. 

Play & Learn Video Lists

Elinor Wonders Why: That's So Interesting

Explore questions from real kids with the characters of Elinor Wonders Why.

Back to School with PBS KIDS

Explore back-to-school themed videos for our youngest learners.

PBS KIDS Read-Alongs

To encourage family engagement and a love of reading at home, PBS KIDS offers families a place to come together and read along with fan-favorites. View more.

Sesame Street Fun at Home Activities

From yoga to search and finds, Sesame Street can help keep your kids active and engaged with this YouTube playlist while they are home from school!