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WNMU Documentaries DVD Covers

Our locally-produced programs document the history and people of the Upper Great Lakes region. DVDs are available for purchase and some programs are available to stream online (see below.)

Barnes-Hecker: Memories of a Misfortune

The Story of Marquette County's 1926 Mine Disaster. (2001)
[Watch Online/ DVD available]

The U.P. Recalls The WAR

U.P. residents recall World War II, sharing images and stories from the battlefields of Europe, and the home towns we know and love. (2007)
[Watch Online/ DVD available]

Copper, Iron & Gold: Upper Michigan's Legacy

Discover the story of early mining towns in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. (2006)
[Watch Online/ DVD available.]

Lumberjack Life: U.P. Days of Yore

An account of the men and women who worked in the Upper Peninsula’s lumber industry, from the late 19th century to modern times. (2003)
[Watch Online/ DVD available.]

Michigan’s Gray Wolf: Ghost of the Big Timber

explores differing points of view surrounding the resurgence of the Gray Wolf in the Upper Peninsula. (2004) [Watch Online/ DVD available.]

Anatomy ’59: The Making of a Classic Motion Picture

Documentary by John Pepin explores the making of Otto Preminger's classic 1959 courtroom thriller. (2009) [Email John Pepin at to purchase a DVD.]

From Mali to Michigan: A Musical Bridge

Documentary by the late NMU Professor Louise Bourgault details the visit of African pop diva Naïny Diabaté to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. (2006) [Watch Online]

One Room, Many Stories: Schoolhouse Memories

Hear stories of teaching and learning in one-room schoolhouses in the Upper Peninsula. (2002) [Watch Online/ DVD available.]

Lighthouse Legacy

The story of the Stannard Rock Lighthouse, and how its two-ton lens was rediscovered and brought back to the Marquette Maritime Museum. (2000)
[Watch Online/ DVD available.]

A Superior Celebration ...of Structure & Sound

Three community choirs, separated by hundreds of miles of Lake Superior shoreline, unite musically to perform portions of Handel’s “Messiah” oratorio. (1993) [Watch Online]

Superior Destiny

The Coast Guard buoy tender Mesquite, ran aground in Dec. 1989 off Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula, and has since become a premiere diving attraction. (1990)
[Watch Online/ DVD]

Northern at 100: A Century of Memories

NMU's Centennial video tells the history of Northern Michigan University from its creation in 1898 as Northern Normal. (1998)

Midnight Mushers

Behind the scenes at the first U.P. 200 Sled Dog Race in Marquette, Michigan, February, 1990. [Watch Online]

The Osborn Incident

In 1884, the S.S. John M. Osborn, a wooden freighter, sank in Lake Superior. A century later, divers discovered her, virtually untouched. (1987) [Watch Online]

When the Horses Leave: Metamorphosis at Mackinac

Winter on Mackinac Island brings dramatic changes to the lives of its 500 year-round residents. (1988) [Watch Online]

The Enemy in Our Midst

The story of Nazi prisoner of war camps in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Documentary by John Pepin.(2004)
[Email John Pepin at to purchase a DVD.]