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Thank You Gifts

Thank-You Gifts, or Premiums, are our way of saying “Thanks for your support!” Choose a thank-you gift when you make an online donation, or call in your pledge of support.

Station Logo Items & Member Benefits

Please enter your Thank-You Gift selection in the box provided on your pledge form, or choose your selection from the list provided on the online form.

Contributions are tax deductible only to the extent that they exceed the fair market value of any premium you receive in return. All amounts in U.S. dollars. If you choose underwriting, we will contact you for further information.


WNMU-TV Mug and Caribou Coffee

1 lb of Caribou Coffee from Tadych's Market Place and one WNMU-TV branded, ceramic 14 oz coffee mug for $100.

1 lb of Caribou Coffee from Tadych's Market Place and two WNMU-TV branded, ceramic 14 oz coffee mugs for $120.


Learn to Paint like Bob Ross! June 16, 2024

Unleash your inner artist and paint like Bob Ross - no mistakes, just happy accidents! For $150 per person, you can learn the painting techniques of Bob Ross.

$20 or more Annually

FanFare Monthly Program Guide

Receive 12 issues of FanFare, our monthly printed program guide, in the mail for a gift of $20 or more. Plan ahead so you never miss your favorite programs!

$60 or More ANnually

WNMU Passport

Stream your PBS favorites anywhere, any time with a gift of $60 or more annually (just $5/month sustaining membership).


The UP Recalls the War DVD

This is the story of people who fought for freedom in the greatest war the world has ever known, both abroad and at home. Full program on DVD with special features.

starting at $60

Underwriting & Program Patrons

See our array of underwriting opportunities available as a ‘Thank-you’ when you donate. Program Patrons start at $60.

Program Related Thank You Gifts

Please call 800-227-9668 during regular business hours (Monday-Friday, 8-5 pm), and speak with Sarah regarding premiums for specific programs that aired during our fundraisers. If you know the program, item name and pledge level, you can enter that information on the online pledge form in the comments section.

More Ways to Contribute to WNMU-TV: