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Digital First 2017

Crazy Stan

A Western Washington man walks to raise money and awareness for rescue animals.


What are some options for those in the military for finding civilian careers?

National Guard Menu

A look at a unique contest to help decide what those who are serving our country will eat


A look at programs that can help get more than a foot in the door for many young people.


Tacoma area high school students compete in an annual science competition.

Friday Book Club

A look at a unique book club that's been going for the better part of a century.

Quixote Village

We take you to Olympia where a unique community is designed to keep people off the streets


Find out more about a special dance school designed for underprivileged children

ORAR Screening

A look at a screening for a KBTC documentary about a dark chapter in Tacoma history

Bite of Seattle

We take you to the 2017 Bite of Seattle with our broadcast partner NHK