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Watch With Your Kids

Welcome to the IdahoPTV Parents website! At Idaho Public Television, we know that parents are a child’s first and most important teachers. 

As a parent, you have the freedom to choose which programs you and your children watch together. When you watch PBS KIDS with your children, their learning is increased. We provide a wide range of free content and tools so you can customize your children’s learning, based on your goals and interests. Review program descriptions, and watch with your kids, using our discussion questions, learning goals, and games and activities to make learning fun.

IdahoPTV Parents Website

IdahoPTV knows a child’s first, and most important teacher is you, the parent.

Understanding Themes

Talk with your child as you watch PBS KIDS together.

Choose Family Screen Time

You get to choose which programs to watch on PBS KIDS.

Interact While You Watch

Sharing screen time with your child develops a stronger bond so watch PBS KIDS together.

Tips for Engaging

Turn screen time into family time. Watch PBS KIDS with your children.

Learning Ecosystem - Families

IdahoPTV supports the entire learning ecosystem through family/parent outreach.

Local Resources

Idaho teachers write lesson plans for IdahoPTV productions, including Idaho Experience, Outdoor Idaho, Lewis and Clark: Moments in Time, Science Trek, and Idaho Science Journal. Click on a series below to explore free teacher's guides, videos, student worksheets and more.

  • Idaho Experience Collection on LearningMedia
  • Outdoor Idaho Collection on LearningMedia
  • Moments in Time Collection on LearningMedia
  • Science Trek Collection on LearningMedia
  • Idaho Science Journal Collection on LearningMedia

PBS Learning Goals