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Watch Now | What is NEXTGEN TV?


NEXTGEN TV is the next evolution of broadcast technology. NEXTGEN TV improves efficiency of broadcast and expands our reach in rural and crowded urban areas. With NEXTGEN TV, we can deliver information faster and to more screens than ever before. 

For over 60 years, we've served our community with life-changing television and services. And with NEXTGEN, we can help save lives too.

Learn more below about NEXTGEN TV and PBS North Carolina's industry-leading innovation.

NEXTGEN TV Improves Emergency Response Times

PBS North Carolina is upgrading our broadcast technology to NEXTGEN TV. That means a stronger signal for all the shows you love and for the people who count on us in emergencies. Together with partners like Device Solutions, we are leading the nation with our innovative use of broadcast spectrum to help first responders.

Watch Now | How NEXTGEN TV Improves Emergency Services Response Times

When an emergency call comes in, every second counts, but it can often take up to a minute for first responders to receive this kind of alert. PBS North Carolina is helping to reduce that time to just a few seconds. Unlike traditional paging systems, which have limited range, the NEXTGEN TV signal can reach remote and dense areas in almost every location throughout the state. And that means instant alerts to first responders. 

Have questions about NEXTGEN TV? We have answers.

What is NEXTGEN TV? 

NEXTGEN TV is the new TV broadcast system that brings significant improvements for viewers including better picture, sound and reception. NEXTGEN TV technology also brings the potential of interactive elements to enhance the viewing experience. 


Who will benefit from NEXTGEN TV? 

Viewers who rely on over-the-air reception of television signals through an antenna will benefit from this new technology. Additionally, if viewers have a NEXTGEN TV-enabled television that is connected to the Internet, they can uncover a whole new suite of applications to improve their viewing experience. 


Why was NEXTGEN TV developed? 

Our current digital broadcast technology was developed in the 1990s, bringing high-definition video services, surround sound audio and wide-screen format viewing to new audiences. Unfortunately, the current system largely relies on 1990s technology and is becoming outdated. 

NEXTGEN TV is based on Internet Protocol (IP) technology. IP allows for a television viewing environment similar to computers, tablets and smartphones. Using IP technology also leaves room for innovation and future changes. NEXTGEN TV is a very adaptable system designed to respond to future technological changes. 


Can my existing TV receive NEXTGEN TV? 

Only TVs with NEXTGEN TV-enabled technology will be able to take advantage of this technology. Many TV manufacturers are including NEXTGEN TV technology in their new products. Some companies are also developing “set top boxes” to allow NEXTGEN TV to be used on older TV sets through a simple connection. 

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Does this mean I will no longer be able to watch live over-the-air TV? 

No, PBS North Carolina and all other broadcasters are required to continue providing current broadcast technologies. You can watch all four PBS North Carolina channels with an antenna.

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Where can I watch NEXTGEN TV? 

NEXTGEN TV is available in many areas of the country. In North Carolina, NEXTGEN TV is available in the Raleigh-Durham area, Greenville area and the Charlotte area. To find NEXTGEN TV near you, visit


Can I watch PBS NC on NEXTGEN TV? 

PBS NC delivers NEXTGEN TV in the Raleigh-Durham and Greenville areas. We’re working to launch NEXTGEN TV in other areas of the state soon. 


Where can I learn more about NEXTGEN TV? 

These partners provide excellent overviews of NEXTGEN TV. 

NEXTGEN TV Official Website 

National Association of Broadcasters 

Corporation for Public Broadcasting 

TitanTV, Inc. | AntennaWeb 

Our Chief Technology Officer, Fred Engel, recommends this article from as a great primer on this emerging technology: 5 Things You Should Know About Free Over-the-Air TV

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