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Northwest Now Digital Extra

Northwest Now Digital Extra are segments from and/or associated with our weekly shows. Digital Extra takes you into the community to emphasize the topics we discuss.

Latest Story

SDOT Bike Safety

A look at bike safety in Seattle

Meet Northwest Now Host Tom Layson

Tom Layson is KBTC's Managing Editor and worked in Yakima, Terre Haute, Louisville, Sacramento, Columbus and New York-New Jersey. Tom anchored 13 hours of live coverage in the NY/NJ market during 9-11 - just one example of the many thousands of hours he’s been on set or in the field covering politics, natural disasters, courts and crime, economic development, personal finance and the environment over the past 38 years. Tom grew up in the Maple Valley area and is a graduate of Pacific Lutheran University.

Recent Stories

Safe Boats

We visit a local maritime business that's making a difference by hiring skilled workers.

Real Estate 2022

A competitive market isn't stopping these buyers from getting their dream home

Omari Salisbury

A look at grassroots neighborhood journalism from an African American perspective

Vaccine Pastors

A look at how some local religious leaders are helping to get their flocks vaccinated

COVID Vaccines

A discussion with a local woman who was one of Washington's first to get the COVID Vaccine


Meeting those directly affected by September wildfires

Inside The CHOP

Northwest Now contributor Linda Byron talks to residents inside the former CHOP

College Impact

Bates Technical College President Lin Zhou Discusses how COVID will cause changes

Red Cross

The Red Cross discusses blood supply during COVID