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Wild Horses

Mustangs are a symbol of our western tradition; yet they are often reviled, as they compete for resources with livestock and wildlife in an ever changing environment impacted by range fire and drought. Thousands end up in holding corrals far from home, never to return. Outdoor Idaho takes a look at what is happening to the mustang herds in Idaho and beyond.

Thursday at 8:00pm & Sunday at 7:00pm

February 2023 Episodes

February 2, 5 - "Idaho's 12ers"

February 9, 12 - "Wild Horses" 

February 16, 19 - "Beyond Labels"

February 23, 26 - "Wildflowers"

Latest Episode

Idaho’s Bitterroot Mountains define our state’s squiggly eastern border. Rugged, remote and hard to get to, the Bitterroot Mountains offer a challenge and reward. Outdoor Idaho’s “In the Shadow of the Bitterroots” will uncover the history, culture, recreation and science of the land. From sacred Nez Perce trails to the tallest peaks, this show will inspire curiosity about a unique mountain range.

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News & Notes

Outdoor Idaho entered its 40th season on October 13th with a program called “Looking Back and Moving Forward.” This hour-long program commemorates what has made Outdoor Idaho beloved by people of all ages and occupations.

“Outdoor Idaho provides us with a glimpse into the lives of others – farmers, outfitters, hunters, hikers, birders. It’s an education in our land, but also in our people,” said producer Lauren Melink. "In this program we not only recognize Outdoor Idaho but also the state and the landscapes that make our work possible.”

Other programs on the docket include "In the Shadow of the Bitterroots," which aired in December, and “This is Rodeo,” airing in March. Both programs are an hour in length. 

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