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KBTC COVID-19 Information, Stories, and Where To Get Help

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Remain Safe During The  COVID Pandemic

Welcome To The KBTC COVID Information Page

How to remain safe

Along with fear and uncertainty, the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic is spawning a plethora of rumors and misinformation. KBTC is here to point you toward credible sources of information during this difficult time. And while vaccines are being rapidly distributed to most Washingtonians over the age of 5, we still need to keep some safety measures in mind as this pandemic is not over. 

Meanwhile,  stay at home if you are sick, and contact a medical professional to get tested if you have symptoms. If you are out and about please be safe and wear a mask where necessary. 

As we head into the Fall  of 2022,  vaccines and their boosters may be here, and mask mandates and COVID restrictions are ending, but we still must be cautious to help stop the spread of COVID-19, which is still a pandemic with the strong likelihood of a Summer surge. Together we will triumph over this pandemic and bring our pre-COVID routines back into our normal everyday lives. 



COVID boosters are available and recommended for everyone, especially if you're over 50 and/or have underlying health conditions.  CLICK HERE TO FIND WHERE TO GET YOUR FREE COVID BOOSTER SHOT.

Latest Information on Vaccines, Reopening and COVID Safety Guidelines

Protecting yourself during the "Tripledemic." 

Latest COVID-19 News

January 2023 COVID Variant

COVID Omicron vibrant XBB.1.5 is becoming the dominant variant

Young Kids Booster Shots (Posted on 5/23)

The FDA Approves a booster shot for kids 5 and older

One Million COVID Deaths (Posted 5/18/2022)

One million Americans have died from COVID since the pandemic began over two years ago.

Northwest Now COVID Coverage

Latest Information On Where To get Help And To Stay Informed


Where to get tested:

Click HERE for info from The Washington State Department of Health about COVID-19 testing.


Latest statistics Washington State statistics about COVID-19

Click HERE for the latest statistics from the state, and HERE for info from the World Health Organization and to see the COVID-19 Map  by Johns Hopkins University.


Unemployment Information

Click the link for information on unemployment benefits.


Business resources

Click for business resources for the Pacific Northwest region regarding COVID-19


Ways You Can Help


Vaccine/Community Health Volunteer Washington Coronavirus Response

Volunteer or donate to the United Way of Tacoma and Pierce County

Donate much needed blood to through the American Red Cross

Donate or volunteer to help the homeless at the Tacoma Rescue Mission

Donate food or funds to Food Lifeline or The Emergency Food Network

Contact Pierce County for volunteer opportunities

County Health Websites

How to Protect Yourself Against Scams & Dangerous Misinformation About COVID Vaccines

Fact Vs. Fiction


The COVID-19 Vaccines are SAFE and EFFECTIVE, however there is a lot of very dangerous misinformation about these vaccines that if taken seriously, could put your safety and the safety those you love in serious danger.  CLICK HERE TO GET THE FACTS AND MYTHS ABOUT THE COVID VACCINES from the Centers For Disease Control and get vaccinated to protect you and those you love. 


In the interest of keeping you properly informed, we ask that you click HERE to get the facts and up-to-date information about COVID-19 from Johns Hopkins University. COVID-19 is real and it's dangerous.  The vaccines are our biggest weapon in defeating this virus and they're safe. Trust certified medical experts and science and tune out dangerous misinformation.


Unfortunately, scammers are actively trying to trick consumers out of money and personal information. Price gouging has also proven to be an issue. To learn more about scams and report price gougers, use the links below: