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Teach Your Way

Play Your Way! Use this PBS KIDS monthly calendar with timely resources aligned to early learning themes and skills for PreK-2 students to play your way all summer long.


Molly of Denali | Awesome Alaskan Kids: Summer Adventures! | PBS KIDS

Sophia shares many summer outdoor activities in Anchorage, where she enjoys doing cartwheels on the bluff. Then journey to Homer, Alaska with Sophia, her parents, and her dog Yoshi for a wilderness retreat!

Meet the Education & Engagement Team

Meet Janice Sante

Janice is a 15-year Florida Certified Title I Educator specializing in Early Childhood Education. She facilitates training on PBS LearningMedia and PBS resources in addition to adapting curriculum, creating educational outreach programs, and coordinating special projects.

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Meet Jan Whitehouse

Jan has served WUCF in various marketing and fundraising capacities since 2001. She joins the Education and Engagement team, bringing her powerful understanding of the ways public media benefits individuals, businesses and communities. 

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