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KBTC Profiles

KBTC’s on-air and online short-form series of stories about the people, places and events in and around our Western Washington community

Lion Dance: The Art of a Culture

Learn about the art of the lion dance and its significance to Chinese Americans.

Kathak: Stories in Motion

Tacoma-based musician and dancer, Ameera Nimjee.

Remembering Tacoma's Nihonmachi

A look at what once was Tacoma's vibrant Japantown.

KBTC Profiles: Voices for the Vote

Meet the key voices in the struggle for women's suffrage in Washington state.

KBTC Profiles: Big Wheels, Bigger Hearts

A ride along with a unique motorcycle club

KBTC Profiles: Delicate Beauty

A discussion with Debora Moore.

KBTC Profiles: The Patchwork Patriot

Meet Marj Woody

KBTC Profiles: Eureka! The Birthplace of Tacoma

A look back at an important piece of Tacoma's history

KBTC Profiles: The Birdman of Seward Park

Watch Ed Dominguez's story here.