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WUCF encourages curiosity and learning through our community events, that range from panel discussions and screenings to family festivals and workshops. Watch our virtual community event playlist to access recordings of past events.

Honoring our Veterans

If you are a current or former member of the military, first and foremost, we thank you for your service and sacrifice. 

Join WUCF in paying respect to our veterans for their caring and courage.

American Veteran Digital Series: Keep it close

Keep It Close tells the stories of U.S. military veterans and the special objects they carried during deployment and beyond. These objects, ranging from a pebble to a vial of lip gloss, have provided everyday comfort and hope to the veterans — and offer civilians a window into the veteran experience. Although the stories are unique to the individual veterans and their military service, the concept of mementos and the emotions they can generate are universal. Episodes drop bi-weekly through Jan 11, 2022.

Virtual Event Recordings

View selected recordings of our panel discussion events below or access our entire virtual community event playlist on YouTube.

NewsNight Conversations

NewsNight Conversations addresses issues that directly affect our Central Florida community, such as affordable housing, mental health, and more.

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