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IdahoPTV supports the entire learning ecosystem and promotes lifelong learning by offering educational programs, activities and resources across Idaho. Read about how IdahoPTV’s family and community education projects are changing lives in neighborhoods around our state.

Woman reading to a group of children

Gina Miller

Rexburg Librarian knows when a program works, is successful, and when it benefits the whole community. IdahoPTV changed story time in this small town. 

Born and raised in Rexburg, the town has always been Gina’s home. Raising her own kids in the city of 28,000 northeast of Idaho Falls, Gina Miller has invited Idaho Public Television’s community educators to the library for years. 

Laurie Willmore

Librarian from Menan, Idaho has 19 years of library experience. She sees IdahoPTV as a necessary resource in her community. 

“I know these programs work because I see it,” says Menan, Idaho, librarian Laurie Willmore.

Idaho Public Television’s Storytime in a Box program has been very successful at her library, and “We have had great feedback from patrons,” says Willmore.

Tenille Call

For busy working mom and parent of 3 Tenille, new community is built around learning programs in American Falls through Idaho Public Television’s Family and Community Workshops. 

“We are a big science family,” says Tenille Call, mother of three, ages 3, 8, and 12.

Idaho Public Television’s Family & Community Learning Workshops fit the broad range of ages in her family and are “super fun,” she says. 

Melissa Reed

A Weiser, Idaho teacher who benefits from Idaho Public Television’s expertise in online learning and in the classroom. 

Melissa Reed just started her 22nd year teaching Idaho youth. And on this August afternoon, she’s staying late in her classroom, waiting to visit with parents at Weiser School’s Back to School Night.

Laurel Dalling

Hamer Public Library Director whose patrons are amazed at the innovative activities Idaho Public Television brought into their small community.

“We used the resources to supplement our Preschool Storytime take-home packets.  All the links to videos, crafts, activities, and other resources have been greatly appreciated. The read-aloud books helped to set the tone, encourage questions and investigation, and explore the topic.  We loved the handy informational flash drives and the paper bags for us to send the supplies. 

Cynthia Gonzalez 

Full-time mom with three kids in Marsing, Idaho, is faced with keeping her kids busy, engaged, and learning from home. IdahoPTV stepped in with Family and Community Learning Workshops to help lighten the load. 

Cynthia Gonzalez has her hands full.

A full-time mom with three kids ages 5, 7 and 9, she is always on the go. And during the COVID-19 quarantine, she was faced with the challenge of keeping her kids busy and engaged with activities that are family oriented and educational.

Paige Somoza

This PBS Digital Innovator, teacher and instructional coach makes it clear: “sit and get learning” is a thing of the past. Idaho Public Television puts learning in the hands of the students while teaching them twenty-first-century skills.

Paige Somoza has just finished her summer canning: strawberry and rhubarb pie filling. She loves a good project.

Paige takes lessons from Idaho Public Television and PBS and brings them into her job as a teacher and instructional coach.

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