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About the Show

Jazz and the American Spirit is a weekly radio show on 89.9 Jazz & More, examining the great stories of Jazz across America and the people who create it. Produced by WUCF FM 89.9 Jazz & More and hosted by University of Central Florida Director of Jazz Studies Jeff Rupert, Jazz and the American Spirit airs Thursday nights at 7 p.m. Episodes will re-air Sunday nights at 7 p.m. that same week.

In this one-hour weekly program, Rupert, a saxophonist, composer, record producer, and recording artist himself, will tell the stories of how jazz is deeply connected to conveying the history of America, and demonstrate how jazz can tell the story better than actual words.

Learn more about host Jeff Rupert here.

Tune in Thursday, June 1st at 7 pm for "Bird is The Word Vol. 3."



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