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Award Winning - Locally Produced Series - Channel 10.1 - Thursday

Why Is Wood So Expensive? / Mke's Lead Problem

Much of the upward pressure in housing prices boils down to high costs in lumber, but what’s making wood so expensive? 10THIRTYSIX's Mariano Avila investigates. Also, lead in paint and water pipes in Milwaukee is still a problem. 10THIRTYSIX hears from the city’s mayor and health commissioner about next steps to protect residents. And, the penny-farthing, also known as a high wheel and ordinary, were the first machine to be called a bicycle back in the 1800’s. 10THIRTYSIX catches up with a local father and son who say that they are still their preferred bike today!

Next Episode - Thursday, June 24, 7:30 pm

Hippy/Folk Art/La Casa De Esperanza

ADELANTE highlights HIPPY International (Home Instruction for Parents and Preschool Youngsters), a bilingual literacy and school-readiness program for children ages 2-5. Also, a group of Mexican folk artists living in Mexico and Wisconsin share their traditional art forms - cartonera (papier-mache), Barro (pottery), textiles and corn husk art. And, more than a year after the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Maria Teresa Ayala from La Casa de Esperanza shares her experiences as an education provider.

Adelante is produced by Patricia Gomez.

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Next Episode - Thursday, July 8, 7:30 pm

BLACK NOUVEAU tells stories of triumph and transformation in Milwaukee's African American community through profiles and interviews of the city's change makers. The program is hosted by Earl Arms.

Black Nouveau is produced by Everett Marshburn.

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We learn students in the Culinary Arts program at Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) want to transform themselves into culinary professionals. Step into the kitchen labs as they learn the basics--from how to hold their knife, to knife cuts, to egg cookery.
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Host John McGivern takes you around Wisconsin for Next Avenue. Learn about topics of interest to people 55+.

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