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Events - Screening/Panel Discussion Archive

Resilient Idaho Webinar Series - April

Screening date: 4-06-2021
Panelists: Roger Sherman, Holly Whitworth, Nicole Sanchez

Idaho Experience 
"Idaho's Hemingway"

Screening date: 3-25-2021
Panelists: Bill Manny, Jenny Emery Davidson, Richard Blanco, Stacey Guill

Outdoor Idaho - Barns of Idaho

Outdoor Idaho 
"Barns of Idaho"

Screening date: 10-13-2020
Panelists: Forrest Burger

Frontline The Choice 2020 Screening

"The Choice 2020: Trump vs Biden"

Screening date: 9-14-2020
Panelists: Michael Kirk, Melissa Davlin

PBS KIDS Elinor Wonders Why Screening

"Elinor Wonders Why"

Screening date: 8-29-2020
Panelists: Kari Wardle, Joan Cartan-Hansen, Grace Ruddy

Idaho Experience Ahead of Her Time Screening

Idaho Experience 
"Ahead of Her Time"

Screening date: 8-11-2020
Panelists: Marcia Franklin, Jennie Sue Weltner, Senator Cherie Buckner-Webb, Dr. Rebecca Scofield, Mariela Esquivel-Rodriguez

Outdoor Idaho Urban Wildlife Screening

Outdoor Idaho 
"Urban Wildlife"

Screening date: 7-13-2020
Panelists: Bruce Reichert, Aaron Kunz, Lauren Melink, Emily Wakild, Mike McDonald

Idaho Experience Through Youthful Eyes Screening

Idaho Experience 
"Through Youthful Eyes"

Screening date: 7-12-2020
Panelists: Bill Manny, Forrest Burger, Alex Bolinger, Kathryn Rose, Sophia Perry