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Learning Ecosystem - Educators

Digital Innovator

Idaho Public Television needs your help identifying a tech-savvy, innovative and collaborative teacher to honor as our next Digital Innovator.

The IdahoPTV Digital Innovator program recognizes Idaho teachers who enhance learning by integrating technology or digital media into their classrooms. Each spring IdahoPTV selects one Idaho K-12 educator to serve as Digital Innovator for the following school year.

Whether you’re a fellow teacher, a school administrator, a parent or a student, YOU can nominate your favorite classroom changemaker to be the 2021-2022 IdahoPTV Digital Innovator. Do you know an educator who pushes the boundaries of teaching to better engage their students, and who enhances learning by integrating technology or digital media into their classroom? A teacher who is passionate, bold and innovative? A classroom collaborator who is excited to share new resources and skills with fellow educators?

Nomination requirements:

Nominees must be a K-12 educator holding a current teaching certificate and currently teaching in an Idaho classroom or working in an Idaho school.

Nominees will demonstrate that they are education changemakers with a passion for classroom innovation that utilizes technology and/or digital media

Nominees should have a desire to share and collaborate with other teachers

To nominate someone, please include a one page nomination letter answering the following questions:
How long have you known the educator?
Why do you think this educator deserves to be the IdahoPTV Digital Innovator?
What is something innovative that this educator is currently doing in their classroom? 

We are accepting your nominations from March 15 through April 16, 2021.

Nomination Form

Previous IdahoPTV Digital Innovators

Katie Mason

Digital Innovator Katie Mason
Katie Mason
IdahoPTV Digital Innovator for 2020-2021

Katie Mason from Koelsch Elementary School was 

Katie Mason from Koelsch Elementary School was selected as the IdahoPTV Digital Innovator for 2020-2021. Katie worked with us to bring professional development and innovation to teachers around the state. 

Learn More about Katie Mason

Gabriel Garcia

Gabe's Story | IdahoPTV Testimonial

  • IdahoPTV Digital Innovator 2019-2020
  • PBS Digital Innovator All Star 2020-2022

Paige Somoza

Paige's Story

  • IdahoPTV Digital Innovator 2017-1018
  • PBS Digital Innovator All-Star 2018-2020
Learning Ecosystem - Educators

IdahoPTV is dedicated to supporting teachers throughout the state and fostering collaboration between teachers. One way we do this is by highlighting teachers who are doing amazing things in their classrooms. Our Digital Innovator program recognizes teachers who are pushing the boundaries of teaching to better engage their students and enhance learning by integrating technology or digital media into their classrooms. Each year we select one Idaho Digital Innovator and offer them opportunities to explore new teaching strategies and connect with other Idaho teachers. Learn more about IdahoPTV Digital Innovators.

PBS LearningMedia is the gateway to America's largest and most trusted classroom for teachers and students. It provides PreK-12 educators with access to thousands of innovative, standards-aligned digital resources, as well as professional development opportunities designed to improve teacher effectiveness and student achievement.

IdahoPTV is one of five stations in rural areas across the U.S. that are part of the PBS Teacher Community Program. This pilot initiative aims to build educator communities across our state – connecting educators with each other and with IdahoPTV around our shared goal of improving learning outcomes for Idaho's students.

PBS Teachers' Lounge is a blog written by teachers for teachers.

Tech Talk Tuesday Join IdahoPTV and MontanaPBS for “Tech Talk Tuesday”, a monthly virtual discussion about teaching and learning with technology. Hosted by Kari Wardle and Nikki Vradenburg, public media educators who are tech nerds and former classroom teachers! Webinars are held the last Tuesday of each month and feature teachers from both states sharing strategies, tips and tricks, and real world solutions for integrating technology in your classroom. This is NOT another boring webinar! Tech Talk Tuesdays are all about teachers talking about teaching and learning with technology! If you can’t join live, don’t worry, all Tech Talks will be recorded and archived on YouTube.

Learning Ecosystem - Educators

IdahoPTV supports the entire learning ecosystem by assisting educators across Idaho.

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