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PBS KIDS Writers Contest

PBS KIDS Writers Contest

Idaho Public Television PBS KIDS Writers Contest is here! The contest is open to children in grades Kindergarten to 3rd grade. Please make sure to read the rules and complete the entry form. This year's submission deadline is March 20, 2021.

Call (800)543-6868 or (208)373-7220,
or or use our contact form.

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2020 Contest Winners

Eastern Idaho

KISU/Pocatello - Eastern Region


1st - The Bad Hair Day by Whitlee

2nd - The Dragon's Heart by Clara

3rd - My Country Home by Madelaine

First Grade

1st - Stella's Birding Adventure by Stella

2nd - The Space Wish by Juliet

3rd - The Diary by Briggs

Second Grade

1st - The Way of Pets by Bronson

2nd - Flat Stanley by Benson

3rd - Our Vacation to Thailand by Bella

Third Grade

1st - Rocky and Tucker by Avery

2nd - Our Adventure Under the Stars by Aislyn

3rd - Ghost Goes To The Moon by Tyler

Northern Idaho

KUID/Moscow - Northern Region


1st - Sela Went on a Walk by Maisie

First Grade

1st - Civil Rights Poems by Trinity

2nd - The Bowl And Everything That Went In It by Liberty

3rd - Checking Ginormous Round Bales by Cody

Second Grade

1st - Alex Saves the Day by Lillian

2nd - My Dog Rose by Landon

3rd - Unicorns, Dragons, And The Knights by Dixie

Third Grade

1st - My Stitches by Leah

2nd - Ripped Pants by Riley

3rd - Learning To Drive A Combine by Audree

Western Idaho

KAID/Boise - Southwest Region


1st - Backyard Trouble with Pink and Kitten Watermelon by Allyse

2nd - John the Bear by Paisley

3rd - Luna's story by Elsa

First Grade

1st - The Toad Who Wanted to Fly by Ava

2nd - The Adventures of Water Girl by Samantha

3rd - The Invaded Town by Anabel

Second Grade

1st - Jake and Honge in the Magical Rocketship by Evan

2nd - The Story of the Gingerbread Kitten by Nora

3rd - The Last Dinosaur by Emmett

Third Grade

1st - The Faster One by Quinn

2nd - The Different Adventure by Kenna

3rd - Her Dream by Brooklinn