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About OCPS Education Channel

Orange County Public Schools has entered into a collaboration with WUCF to provide over the air access to the enrichment videos on channel 24.5, WUCF/OCPS Education. Access to channel will require an over the air TV antenna. Antennas can be purchased at your local store that sells technology for TVs, if needed.

The enrichment opportunities will be delivered through a series of instructional videos produced by Orange County teachers along with supplemental content provided by WUCF. The first series of videos will be geared toward children in kindergarten through second grade. The videos will complement the workbook materials that all OCPS students in K-2 are receiving for summer enrichment.

Here is a sample lesson.

Read more about this collaboration here.

OCPS Education Channel Schedule

Visit our schedule page to see what's on:

How to Watch the Videos on WUCF

To access the new channel 24.5 WUCF/OCPS Education, on your TV, a channel rescan can be done by click the menu button on your remote, then settings, then rescan.

Visit our rescan page for help:

For additional help with the rescan process, you can call the FCC rescan hotline at 1-888-CALLFCC /888-225-5322.