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Each year, children in Prairie Public's broadcast area from kindergarten through 3rd grade are invited to write and illustrate their own stories to submit in Prairie Public's PBS Kids Writers Contest.

Every entrant is a winner and will receive a Certificate of Achievement and personalized, positive feedback.

Top stories win prizes, and are featured on the radio and online.

📚 Read the 2020 First Place and Red Ribbon Favorite stories below! 📚

First Place: Kindergarten
"Where Are My Glasses?"
by Trey W.

First Place: Grade 1
"My Magic Trip Home"
by Lilia K.

First Place: Grade 2
"Cooper and the Germ"
by Victoria A.

Red Ribbon Favorites: Kindergarten

Red Ribbon Favorites: Grade 1

Red Ribbon Favorites: Grade 2

Red Ribbon Favorites: Grade 3

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