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Kids in the Kitchen

Cooking with Kids Teaches Valuable Life Lessons

Putting together a tasty treat is a lot more than fixing something to eat. If children grow up learning to cook they have a skill that lasts a lifetime.

Kids in the Kitchen teaches cooking basics preparing easy snacks, desserts, and main dishes. Children learn how to read a recipe, combine ingredients, and serve food.

Creating these recipes with your child provides quality time together, reinforces making healthy choices, inspires self-confidence and teaches responsibility. Cooking can even improve math and reading skills.

When cooking together follow a few simple guidelines:
  1. Choose recipes and utensils that are age appropriate.
  2. Review recipes before beginning and make sure you have all of the ingredients.
  3. Make sure hands are washed and explain why clean hands are important in food preparation.
  4. Take advantage of the teachable moment. Teach children about measuring, safe utensil use, and reading the recipe carefully.
  5. Make sure that clean up, putting dishes away and leftover food storage is part of the experience.
  6. Enjoy your delicious creation.

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