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Television and Video Production Program

Milwaukee Area Technical College students enrolled in the Television and Video Production program have the opportunity to learn and work in the studios of Milwaukee PBS, a national leader in high-definition production and programming.

Students acquire industry-standard skills for broadcast TV, cable, and corporate or commercial video. This is one of the few programs in the entire country in which students gain direct, hands-on experience with HDTV production and broadcasting.

EPROD/Digital Media Program

Students explore and study the technology, production processes and methods of distribution for media intended to reach audiences across a wide array of devices and accessibility.

Projects/skills include producing podcasts, mastering DSLR cinematic videography, directing livestreams and developing, producing and pitching a full Web series.

LIVE Streams

Advanced students in the Television and Video Production program at MATC take a look at issues, topics and stories that pertain to the Milwaukee Area Technical College and the entire Milwaukee community, Advanced students in the Television and Video Production program at MATC take a look at issues, topics and stories that pertain to the Milwaukee Area Technical College and the entire Milwaukee community.

Students pull together ideas from their own life experiences, the hobbies that bring them joy, and an urge to help inform their communities about the issues that matter.

This year's lineup showcases a variety of topics. For the foodie there’s "The Local Food Travel", highlighting restaurants you'll wish you had known about for years. For laughs, "Painted Faces" is a surrealist comedy following band mates trying to make it in the tough world of high school.

There will also be a few several shows that hope intend to educate viewers on issues our community faces, "When is Enough Enough?, explains how recycling works right here in Milwaukee and "A House on Fire" details the way politics have impacted our climate.

Viewers will be able to tune in starting midnight on March 1st, 2020.

Clickable Link to MATC Now Playlist

Now in its fourth season, MATC Now! features MATC programs, community initiatives, alumni successes and the many ways that the state's largest technical college benefits the entire region.

Host: Bert Lauderdale, MATC Student and YouTube personality Weekly Co-Hosts represent many areas of the college and include Deans, Instructors, Staff and Students

Weekly Student Directors: Austin Diaz, James Edwards, Symeon Robinson, Josef Oliver, Jay Gilbert, Greg Adams

Weekly Student Producers: Dallas Stevens, Nicholas Feuling, Ashley Greenwald, Daniel Claudio, Munir Atshan, Austin Diaz

Featuring cooking with Mom on a college student budget, Life Hacks, Health, our popular Hidden geMKE, and other interest stories both live and pre-produced.

Host: Sydney Ewert, UWM Journalism Student
Weekly Field Correspondent: Erin McKenzie, MATC Student

Weekly Student Directors: Kyle Melka, Mike Olen, West Hawkins, Austin Gunderson, Tiara Hill, Gabrielle Nasby

Weekly Student Producers: Donovan Hemphill, Jin La, Jimetris Patterson, Jacob Spanjar, Duncan Fox, Kyle Melka
Student Executive Producer: Patrick Fliess

Clickable Link to 2019 Season of Live at the Lakefront

Students in the EPROD/Digital Media program create projects designed to reach and impact a digital audience through multi-platform delivery.

The current featured project is an informational video assignment.

Title: SkateboardinginMKE
Producer: Ryan Picciurro

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