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NORTHWEST NOW 2023 - 2024

Childcare Crisis - Tonight, 7:30p

Looking for solutions to a growing problem

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Coming Up: Friday, October 6th

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Saving  Downtown Seattle - Friday, oct. 6 7:30p


Saving Downtown Seattle - A discussion with the Downtown Seattle Association about what they think the near future could be for the downtown area after years of controversial city policies that led to a shortage of police officers and a spike in violent crime. Plus, Steve Kiggins will discuss signs that the city is turning the corner as tourism gets a boost this year.


Meet Host Tom Layson

Tom Layson is KBTC's Managing Editor and worked in Yakima, Terre Haute, Louisville, Sacramento, Columbus and New York-New Jersey. Tom anchored 13 hours of live coverage in the NY/NJ market during 9-11 - just one example of the many thousands of hours he’s been on set or in the field covering politics, natural disasters, courts and crime, economic development, personal finance and the environment over the past 38 years. Tom grew up in the Maple Valley area and is a graduate of Pacific Lutheran University.

About Northwest Now:

Northwest Now is a weekly public affairs television show hosted by veteran journalist Tom Layson.  Every week we take a closer look at the issues and people who are part of Western Washington.  Join us every Friday night at 7:30 on KBTC. You can see past editions of Northwest Now below. 

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